British Holidaymakers Will Soon Be Able to Return to Spain

Heathrow could be busy with holiday makers again Credit: Hiroyuki Kambe flickr

WITH Spain making concessions concerning entry to the country from June 21 without quarantine requirement, the situation for British passport holders wishing to travel throughout Europe are quite confusing and changing regularly.

Initially it appeared that UK travellers would not be allowed to enter Spain on June 21 as only Schengen members were initially mentioned (except for Portugal which has chosen to wait until July 1).

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But that appears to have now changed and UK travellers will be allowed in according to Spain’s Foreign Ministry, but the rub is that unless Britain changes the quarantine requirements, holidaymakers will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return to the UK.

In addition, Spanish citizens will not be allowed into the UK until June 28 at the earliest.

On July 1 Spain will allow nationals from other European countries to enter without a 14-day quarantine, provided that reciprocal arrangements exist for Spanish visitors to that country.

Currently, only those who are cross border workers and have residency in Spain or are Gibraltar residents with either a Gibraltar ID or a Gibraltar residence card may currently cross into and back from Spain although this may also change on June 21.

Looking at the Schengen and EU states, the following rules currently apply to UK citizens (although there are some exceptions);

Countries allowing free entry with no quarantine

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland

Countries allowing free entry with 14-day quarantine

Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland (unless entering from Northern Ireland), Latvia, Romania, Slovenia

Countries currently not allowing entry for UK citizens

Croatia (unless there is a valid reason to travel), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia (unless holding a negative Covid-19 test less than 96 hours old).


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