BREAKING NEWS: Sanchez Calls for Unity, Live Updates from Spain’s Prime Minister

Madrid Lockdown

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, is currently giving a speech regarding the epidemiological evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and the country’s transition into the ‘new normality’.

In this speech, Sanchez talks about the ‘new normality’ decree and what criteria will be established after the state of alarm ends. Sanchez has announced that the Ministry of Health alongside the councillors of interterritorial regions will be closely watching the evolution of the epidemic in Spain.

The prime minister has appealed for unity between governmental figures and regional politicians. Sanchez emphasises that unity is what can save lives, jobs, and companies.

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The politician has announced that he is optimistic about regional communities coming to an agreement on when to reinstate university lessons.

Sanchez assured that his most difficult time in office was trying to “decree the state of alarm” and seemingly limit the fundamental rights of Spaniards. He does admit that the PPE for sanitary staff and ventilators for the ICUs should have been provided much earlier.

He extends his sympathy towards the Latin American countries who now suffering a similar situation which Spain recently experienced.

The prime minister denies that they will have to make any cuts because of the pandemic. He assures that this situation is very different from that of the 2008 financial crash as Spain is very determined to recover the levels of economy and employment witnessed pre-pandemic.

He also announced a recovery plan of €3,750 million which will help re-boot the automobile sector.



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