82% of Madrid population in favour of restricting car use in the city to tackle pollution

Keep Calm: Madrid's Outbreak is under control. CREDIT: Pixabay

Eighty-two per cent of people living in Madrid and Barcelona are in favour of implementing measures such as restricting car use in the cities to tackle pollution.

IN addition, four in five people (83 per cenr) also support measures to reallocate urban space for pedestrians, bicycles and public transport.

These are the findings of a YourGov study for the European Federation of Oenegés Transport and Environment, in which 7,545 adults in 12 European cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, from six countries, were surveyed.

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The survey shows that three quarters of the people interviewed in Spain do not want to return to pre-containment pollution levels.

During the days of maximum lockdown, pollution levels fell by 58 per cent, reaching the lowest levels on record.

In China, where de-escalation was achieved earlier, a return to pre-crisis pollution levels has already been recorded, as well as serious problems of congestion.

The YourGov data show that support in Spain for cities to take action against pollution, including restricting car use, is higher than in other countries (79 per cent in the UK, 77 per cent in Italy and 55 per cent in German cities.


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