Teenager in trouble with law for abusing ex on Spain holiday island Mallorca

Madrid & Andalucía rack up the most arrests and fines. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Twitter @policia

A teenager accused of hurting his ex-girlfriend and refusing to let her out of his home in the Mallorca capital in is in trouble with the law.

Police arrested the 16-year old on charges of abuse within the family sphere following an incident at the Palma property.

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According to reports police went to the property after a call-in about youngsters clambering up the outside. They told the officers they’d had a text message from their friend claiming her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t let her out and showing in injury allegedly caused by him.

The police found the girl, also 16, on the second floor landing in quite a state. She claimed she’d gone round to pick up some tickets for a concert, but that she and the ex-boyfriend had got into an argument which ended up with him stopping her from leaving and getting aggressive towards her.


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