Sevilla Wins Derby as La Liga Returns with Video Game Look


FOOTBALL has once again returned to Spain, kicking off yesterday with a hotly anticipated derby between Sevilla and Real Betis.

Sevilla were victorious after beating Real Betis 2-0.

Although the stand was empty, after the match, Sevilla players hugged each other and celebrated in front of the stands as if they were bulging with fans.


The hugely popular match between the southern Spanish rivals marked the return of La Liga after three months after all matches were halted by the government.

Football officially restarted in Spain on Wednesday, resuming the second half of a second division game that had been halted in December.

Strict health guidelines are in place for all matches, with players asked to minimise physical contact during goal celebrations.

Ball boys were on-hand to disinfect balls every time they left the field and players had to maintain a safe distance when talking to the referee.

There were some technical hitches broadcasting the match on the internet, with images of superimposed fans interfering with the view of the game.

La Liga said the virtual crowds were designed to add to the viewing experience as matches are played in empty stadiums.

A minute’s silence was held before the game to remember those who have sadly passed away because of the Covid-19 virus.



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