Ryanair Boss Tells Passengers to Ignore New Baggage Rules and Take Hand Luggage with Them


Michael O’Leary, boss of airline Ryanair has urged passengers to ignore new guidelines issued by the government which tells them to do the exact opposite.

The guidelines, which were issued yesterday, called for all flight passengers to check in their luggage in a bid to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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But Ryanair is telling passengers to ignore the advice and bring their hand luggage anyway. Mr O’Leary said that he wants to keep as many bags out of the hold as possible, which is in complete contrast to government advice.

O’Leary commented: “We’re recommending passengers do exactly the opposite: maximise carry-on bags and minimise checked-in bags.”

He added: “Our logic has always been that checked-in bags are handled by eight pairs of hands, from the check-in desk to the boarding gate, all the way through to the arrival airport as well – whereas a carry-on bag the passenger keeps with them at all times.”

Mr O’Leary says he is going against the government rules despite the airline making “more money out of checked-bags”.


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