Oops Stole Your Seat! Woman in Costa del Sol Arrested for Trying to Steal Two Chairs from A Bar in Malaga

Calle Granada: Woman tries to steal two seats from a bar on Calle Granada in Malaga. Credit: Twitter @_rreichel

Police officers have arrested a woman in the Costa del Sol who was trying to leave a bar in Malaga with two of their chairs.

THE incident occurred at around 9.30pm on Wednesday night at a bar on Calle Granada in Malaga centre.

The 39-year-old woman, who has a criminal history, was having a few drinks at the bar and decided she would try to take two of the terrace chairs with her. After repeatedly being told by staff to leave the chairs, she took no notice and began walking away.

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Luckily, a pair of police officers were patrolling nearby on foot and found the woman walking home with the two chairs. As she was stopped, she refused to identify herself. Instead, she tried to use the chairs to hit the policeman all whilst exuding an extremely hostile attitude.

Given her aggressive approach, the police arrested the woman. She even caused a ruckus at the station where she tried to throw yet another chair at the officers.

Police were forced to handcuff the woman and take her fingerprints, which they then used to verify that she had a troubled past with the police. The chairs have been returned.


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