Hot or Not? New Thermal Camera Controls at Airports in Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, and Across Spain

Hot or Not? Your temperature will determine if you must undergo another test.Credit: Twitter @cradlepoint

Spain is preparing its airports to welcome new international tourists and the latest measures revealed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus will be new temperature control cameras in Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and beyond.

SINCE the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced that Spain would be ready to welcome international tourists on July 1, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport have been working towards creating a set of measures which will help mitigate the spread of the virus.

This method should create a contact-free, streamlined process, which allows multi-person detection, rather than having to manually check each person’s temperature.

Since May 15, all incoming passengers from abroad have been submitted to a manual temperature check and after July 1, thermal cameras will be installed to standardise and automate the process.


This is not the only new measure affecting the travel and transport industry, as Spain’s government also introduced a four-week hold on passenger information.

This will enforce all airports, train stations and ports to keep contact details for passengers on hold for a minimum of four weeks


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