Two young girls killed by a train while crossing a railway track in Spain’s Cantabria

Fefe Torrelavega Train Station,. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Two young girls have been killed by a train while crossing a railway track at an ‘unauthorised passing’ in Spain’s Cantabria.

THEY died after being hit by a train running between Torrelavega and Barreda, according to eyewitnesses and confirmed by sources from Renfe and Adif.

At around 10.50pm last night, the first call was made to the Emergency Service 112, which mobilised 061, Torrelavega Fire Department, National and Local Police, and FEVE personnel.

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The fatal incident took place at an ‘unauthorised passing point’ near Torrelavega station, the railway infrastructure manager told Europa Press.

The victims were run over by a suburban train on metric gauge line, Feve, which covers the route between Santander and Puente San Miguel.

The train remained on the track until the judicial authority in charge of the removal of the bodies arrived. No further details about the victims or the circumstances surrounding their deaths have been released.

Passengers were transferred to another train at around 11.40pm to continue their journey.



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