The Power of Hope

Hold on to hope!

Albert Einstein once said; ’Learn from yesterday, live for today, HOPE for tomorrow.’’

With the world experiencing so much pain, uncertainty and confusion at present, the word “Hope” once again has been called to duty. But is hope just a word we use half-heartedly when we are trying to hold on to something less negative out of desperation, or can it really make a difference? It’s actually a very powerful thing as it can inspire us, uplift us and help us get through those difficult and challenging times. Sometimes, just holding on to a little hope when everything around us can seem hopeless is not an easy thing to do, when so many people prefer to hold on to despair.

Hope is magical, it is a positive use of our imagination, the vision of a better outcome and has the ability to turn dreams into reality. Today most of us are hoping for a better world and a brighter future. It’s important that we continue to do so as it can help make each day seem more bearable during such testing times. It gives us the strength to carry on and push forward. Living without hope isn’t really living, but of course, it’s our choice. Optimism or pessimism? We are free to decide. Hope and despair have allies, faith and fear. Faith and fear are interesting as they both require that you believe in something you cannot see. So, hope itself requires an element of faith which is believing in something without evidence.

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The substance of faith is hope. We can easily be driven by our fears however, we can also be driven by our hopes and beliefs, which most would agree is a more effective and positive way to live each day. It can sometimes be difficult to change our perspective but if you’re tired of that all too familiar feeling of doom and gloom which can often overwhelm us, especially in today’s current climate, try practising hope. Try focusing on a different ending to the story. Life is an open book, instead of predicting the worst, use the miraculous and amazing strength and power of hope to help change the chapters.

So, let’s hold on to that powerful word. Let it become part of you and a way of being. You’ll soon find it to be a much, healthier, positive and practical alternative. Simply put, hope is what you would like to happen. What would you like to happen? Don’t lose sight of hope, it is surely a better way to live, it helps you get to where you want to be and creates that shining light at the end what can sometimes seem like a never-ending dark tunnel?
So, is hope just a word? Not at all. It has my vote, does it have yours- hopefully so?


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