Spain’s Health Ministry Gears Up to Fight Second Wave of Coronavirus in Autumn

credit: twitter

AS Spain slowly eases lockdown restrictions and citizens return to a ‘new normal,’ there are mounting concerns of a possible second wave of coronavirus later in the year.

The Spanish Health Ministry today pledged to take all the measures needed to fight a second wave effectively.

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The main concern of the Spanish government is that a potential second wave in autumn could coincide with an influenza contagion.

In order to ensure the two diseases don’t impact the population – and health workers – at the same time, four million doses of flu vaccine will be acquired in the next month. Seventy five per cent of health staff are set to be vaccinated against the flu before autumn arrives.

The efforts of the Spanish government in controlling the coronavirus have been applauded by many. Spain has taken a slow and cautious approach to reopening to international tourists, which continues to protect the nation.


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