That Masked Man (or Woman) isn’t the Lone Ranger it’s You or Me for the Immediate Future!

Who was that masked man? Credit: Steven Miller flicker

ON Wednesday of this week (June 10), a new law will be passed in Spain which declares that until a vaccine is found to fight Covid-19, everyone (except those who have medical reasons) over a certain age will have to wear a face mask even after the state of alarm is lifted.

It’s very simple and applied everywhere that you cannot keep a 1.5 metre distance from another person who you don’t live with.

There are exceptions for those who have medical problems, although for an UK expat who doesn’t speak Spanish, unless you write the word ASMA on your forehead or carry a little card that says ‘thank you for your observation but I can’t breathe with a mask due to a problem with my lungs’ it could become potentially dangerous.


People are very quick to make assumptions, so do be careful if you decide that you can’t wear a mask.

If you go into a bar or a restaurant then it is acceptable to leave your mask off but if you are male with a moustache and visit the barber, don’t even think about asking for a trim!

There will be other less obvious intrusions upon your way of life in the New Spain but the aim, we are told, is to try to keep the number of people catching the virus as low as possible before a real working vaccine is found.

It is a new way of life, but the important word is Life – enjoy it as thousands have lost theirs.


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