Summer Season in Spain is Back On as UK Government Replaces Quarantine with Air Bridges


Travel bosses ‘elated’ on the news that ‘air bridges’ will be allowed from June 29 as quarantine is eased

BOSSES of the travel and hospitality industry have been privately assured by the government that ‘air bridges’ will be introduced for foreign summer holidays from June 29 to replace blanket quarantine.

The ‘Quash Quarantine’ group made up of more than 500 of the biggest names in the industry said that as a result of the news they would suspend their threatened legal action to overturn quarantine. This is great news for Spain’s tourism industry, still trying to shake off the shackles as the country emerges from its almost three-month lockdown.

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“There’s a desire by the group to take action and we are not ruling it out in the future but we have had these assurances from senior government sources that travel corridors will be in place from June 29,” said Paul Charles, a spokesman for the group whose businesses turn over £10 billion a year.

Andalucia, one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations now look set to regain lost ground, hotels, bars and restaurants in the region recently took the leap into Phase 3 of the emergency lockdown and so far things are looking good. TW.


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