Summer is Coming and Blue Flags are Being Awarded to Quality Beaches on Spain’s Costas

San Roque is proud of its blue flag beaches Credit: San Roque Council

WITH all of the upheaval caused by the coronavirus, Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and the State of Alarm, some people have overlooked he fact that it’s Blue Flag award time.

Not so in San Roque (sitting between the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz) which has kept its three blue flags first awarded in 2018 for the municipal beaches of Cala Sardina, Torreguadiaro and Alcaidesa Faro, plus there is a further blue flag being flown by the privately owned Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande.

The mayor, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix is rightly proud of this achievement and said “all of the services and obligations that we have to comply with for the blue flag, are the same services that we offer in the entire municipality, in the rest of the urban beaches, in Puente Mayorga, Campamento and Guadarranque.”


San Roque Council is responsible for 15 kilometres of beach along the coast and makes sure that they are well cared for, safe and welcoming for residents and visitors alike.

The Blue Flags are awarded not only for the quality of the waters and for the cleanliness of the sand, but also for having lifeguards, rescue and healthcare services as well as well-appointed showers, litter bins and walkways.

It’s not just beaches as the Pinar del Rey Nature Classroom also maintains its distinction as a blue centre.


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