Under Investigation: Human Skull Found in Costa del Sol’s Mijas

Human Skull: Human remains found in Mijas, Costa del Sol. Photo: Shutterstock

The Guardia Civil in Costa del Sol’s Mijas found a human skull in the campo area, which police and forensics are now investigating.

THE remains were found on Friday, June 5, and are believed to belong to a person who passed away several years ago now as the skull is not in good shape.

Nevertheless, the skull is now with the Institute of Legal Medicine in Malaga where it will undergo a precise analysis which will highlight more about the date that the individual passed away on.

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According to members of the Operative Service from Mijas’ Town Hall, the individuals who came across the skull were a group of workers cleaning the bush area to prevent any potential bushfires.

Once they found the unusual object, they immediately informed the Guardia Civil who immediately came to the scene. Their current investigation is working with the theory that the remains could belong to an elderly man who disappeared in the area a few years ago. In 2017, they found some bones belonging to this same man and therefore this theory would easily make sense.

The theory behind why they have only found the skull now, is that, because the area is relatively wooded and full of weeds, researchers deduced that the skull may have only just been discovered as an animal could have brought it to the surface after scourging for food.

The bones found in 2017, which are believed to belong to the same skeleton, were found by a group of technicians working on a construction site. When they began to sift through the earth, they found several bones and notified the police.

Back in 2017, forensics deduced that the individual had been dead for some time, at least two or three years. However, they never found the skull and therefore the forensics team will conduct a cross sample study of the evidence to prove that they belong to the same individual.



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