Welsh “Sex Bomb” Singing Legend Tom Jones Celebrates his 80th Birthday Today


Sir Tom Jones is 80 years old today and has said he will keep singing “as long as there’s breath in my body”.

The Welsh singing legend, who was born on 7 June 1940, said he did not mind growing old because “the memories are tremendous”.

And he said lockdown reminded him of his own two-year isolation with tuberculosis from the age of 12.

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“I sympathise with young people that can’t go and play,” he said.

Sir Tom, who grew up in Pontypridd, enjoyed huge commercial success with hits including It’s Not Unusual, What’s New Pussycat? and Kiss.

His career as one of the world’s biggest stars and his live Las Vegas performances earned him the admiration of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Throughout his career he has constantly reinvented himself, moving from pop, rock, and country to gospel, soul, and blues and then on to electronic and dance music.

Sir Tom said-quote:

“To reach 80 and to have such wonderful memories and to be still doing it and still making a point, or trying to – thank you to everybody that has been with me, the audience. You can’t express yourself properly unless there’s people there to listen to you.”

“God has been good to me and my voice is still there. So as long as it’s there I wanna get up… singing live to people is the thing.” TW.


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