Spain’s Government to Allow 100% Passenger Occupation on Public & Private Transport from Monday June 8

PHOTO: Flickr/Gerry Balding
100% passenger occupation can resume on Spain's public and private transport from Monday June 8. CREDIT: Flickr/Gerry Balding

Spain’s Government has announced today that public and private transport across the country can now increase passenger occupation to 100% from Monday June 8.

ALL public transport can allow passengers to fill up to 100% of seated capacity on buses, trains and metro, according to the Spain’s Official Bulletin today (BOE). Social distancing of 2 metres, however, must be retained if standing passengers are allowed, it states. Furthermore, passengers must continue to wear face masks if they wish to travel on public transport.

Private transport, such as cars and people carriers, will also be allowed to carry the maximum number of passengers allowed, so long as everyone pertains to the same family or household, adds the BOE.

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