Spain Set to Approve New Law to Enforce Use of Face Masks After Lockdown Ends With €100 Fines

New Normality: 3 Days Left CREDIT: Anna Shvets from Pexels

Spain’s Government is set to approve a new law next week that will enforce the use of face masks after the lockdown ends on June 21.

THE new law will ensure that residents continue to use face masks in public spaces after the State of Alarm has been lifted, with fines of up to €100 for those in breach of the new legislation, warned the Government today. It is expected to be approved in Congress next Tuesday on June 9.

The law will enforce all residents over the age of 6  to use a face mask in closed public spaces, as well public roads and open air spaces, where safe distances of between one and a half and two meters between individuals cannot be maintained. Face masks will also continue to be obligatory on all public transport, as well as private vehicles if people sharing the same car/people carrier do not live at the same address. Only people with respiratory difficulties, special needs and children under 6 years of age will be exempt from wearing a face mask, the Government added.

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