Can they stay longer?


My husband and I have been in Spain since March 3 and planned to go back to the UK on March 17, but the lockdown happened on March 16. We were offered a new flight April 2 but that was cancelled. Now we are booked for November 10. We would prefer to stay until then as we have our own place. Our main concern is if flights become available from July, would we have to take one? We are aware that, from March 3 to August 4, our six-month period as non-residents is up, but under the circumstances, could we legally stay until November 10?
S.K. (by email)

First, your legal tourist visit to Spain is limited to 90 days, not six months. The rule is 90 days stay in any 180 day period. After 90 days, you must leave Spain for at least 90 days. To answer your question, the Spanish government is trying to extend the legal State of Alarm until the end of June. If they do, this would give you 90 days from then, ending in September. So it seems you must return to the UK before November.

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