UK WEATHER: ‘Nice While it Lasted’ – Torrential Rain and Thunder Storms Expected after Days of Balmy Warm Sunshine


Thunderstorms and heavy rain look likely to bring to an end heatwave as temperature set to plummet.

BASKING Brits can wave goodbye to the heatwave after a sweltering few days as from today temperatures could plummet with the lowest being 10ºC this week following weeks of hot weather, but it was “nice while it lasted” say many sunbathers on the beaches over the weekend.

The start of summer will feel more like spring with temperatures set to “take a tumble,” according to Met Office forecaster Matthew Box. Showers are expected in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales on Wednesday, with temperatures unlikely to climb any higher than 20ºC in most places.

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In many parts, including the South West and Midlands, the maximum temperature could be as low as 11ºC or 12ºC, and further north the mercury could struggle to get above 10ºC.

Mr Box said there will be a “range of temperatures,” adding that some places could experience a 10-degree drop.

The weather forecast for the week in Malaga in Spain however, paints a very different picture, with constant highs in the 80s and lovely warm daily breezes!


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