Murder in Marbella Updated: Costa del Sol’s Criminal Investigation Underway as Malaga’s Police Reveal More About Victim

Murdered in Marbella: 40 year old Bosnian murdered in broad daylight. Credit: Euro Weekly News

More has been revealed about the murder in Costa del Sol’s Marbella, which occurred on June 2 at 2.00pm, in broad daylight, a man was murdered and shot down on Marbella’s infamous Golden Mile. The case is still under police investigation, however, more information about the victim has been released. 

The victim was a 40-year-old Bosnian man who was caught by surprise and assassinated whilst walking across Calle Arturo Rubinstein. According to investigative sources he was approached by a hitman and shot at various times, point-blank, with a silenced pistol.

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This was fatal for the victim who collapsed in the street and was pronounced dead at the scene. The hitman then quickly fled the scene of the crime. There are discrepancies in the recount of eye-witnesses as some initial sources said the hitman fled in a car. Now police are investigating his exit on a motorbike, but they are still trying to conclude whether the man had an accomplice, such as a getaway driver who came to pick him up.

The victim’s body was left on the side of the road, without a body bag or sheet covering his corpse.

It took at least an hour for officials to remove the body. The victim’s past is now being investigated in order to find any connections to his murder. So far, the police have found him to be connected to previous drug investigations. He had also previously been in prison in Algeciras, but the Bosnian man moved to Marbella eight months ago after being released

Marbella is infamous for murders and mafias, however, now that lockdown has become more relaxed, officers must be vigilant for a possible vengeance. Therefore, police are investigating the victim’s past to decipher whether he had any notable enemies which could lead to the arrest of his murderer. Murders which involve quarrelling gangs will usually be followed by some sort of retaliation, therefore this investigation could prevent another hit.


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