BA threatens 19,000 staff with the Sack unless they agree to new conditions


British Airways has threatened to dismiss 19,000 staff unless they accept worse pay and conditions in what industry insiders consider a ‘pruning’ exercise.

IT’S been a long 10 weeks since the British Airways fleet has moved, like most other airlines the company is bleeding money and is in the process of laying off staff to survive.

It is understood that on April 28, British Airways sent ‘Section 188’ letters to three unions which represent 35,473 of its staff, apparently, BA wants staff who remain to accept pay cuts and new terms and conditions.

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In many cases, the airline wants employees to agree to include temporary lay-off clauses in their contracts, which would allow the airline to suspend staff for up to six weeks a year without pay. Following the shock decision of the airline to cut 12,000 of its 45,000 staff because of the financial impact of the coronavirus, details of BA’s plans post-Covid-19 have begun to emerge.



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