Shopkeeper pulls shotgun on customer in argument over watermelon price in Spain’s Costa Almeria

ACCUSATION: The customer claimed the shopkeeper had aimed a shotgun at their chest CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A NIJAR shopkeeper is under arrest for pulling a shotgun on a customer when they got into an argument over the price of watermelon.

A Guardia Civil patrol on duty in the Campohermoso area stepped in after noticing a member of the public looking highly agitated. They told the officers they had been buying the fruit from a local shop and when there was a dispute over the cost, the shopkeeper went into a backroom, grabbed a 12-calibre shotgun and aimed it at their chest.

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Terrified, the customer fled, which is when they ran into the Guardia.

The officers identified the shopkeeper as 48-year-old M J F M and seized the shotgun and two cartridges, one of which was in the chamber and ready to fire. They also found a belt pouch with 59 cartridges.

The 48-year-old faces charges for serious threats with a weapon.


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