Reckless bikers are causing more accidents than ever on the La Carrasqueta mountain road in Jijona

LA CARRASQUETA: Popular with speed-loving motorcyclists credit: Garbanx

JIJONA Town Hall appealed for urgent help in policing the winding Carrasqueta mountain pass.

Five motorcycle accidents were recently reported there in seven days and the Local Police have received complaints that bikers are exceeding the speed limit and ignoring the need for social distancing.

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“Residents are alarmed at the behaviour and the misuse of the road by some motorcyclists,” Jijona’s mayor Isabel Lopez protested to the central government’s sub-delegation to Alicante Province.

More police patrols are needed on the mountain road at weekends and public holidays, she said.

Lopez described the problem of bikers using the La Carrasqueta as “historic” with a long list of serious and sometimes fatal smashes.

“The majority of motorcycle accidents in the municipality occurred on the same section of the La Carrasqueta road long before the State of Alarm,” the mayor said.

“But the situation has become considerably worse now that lockdown measures are being eased,” she added.




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