Spain’s Costa del Sol to receive €1.4m for safety equipment from Andalucia to better protect locals & holidaymakers visiting its beaches

The Junta of Andalucia will decide today when residents can travel across provinces to enjoy holiday homes by the beach. Credit: Hoteles Globales

The Junta of Andalucia has confirmed that Malaga will receive around €1.4 million worth of safety equipment for its beaches to better protect locals and tourists from the risk of Covid-19.

THE Minister of the Andalucian Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, has informed the mayors of the 14 municipalities implicated, about the additional resources available to reinforce health and safety measures on their beaches.

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Of the €10.5 million that the Andalucian Government has allocated to improve the region’s beaches this year, at least half will be used to provide provinces with the resources needed to ensure that health and safety standards are met. Malaga will receive exactly €1,431,461 of that amount, confirmed Navarro.

These resources can also be used to purchase beach transport such as additional quad bikes or boats, confirmed Navarro. “Mayors will be able to choose between pick-up vehicles, a zodiac-type boat with a trailer, a 4×4 quad or a jet ski with a trailer, depending on the amount that corresponds to them,” she explained. These resources are in addition to the 900 beach vigilantes, as well as apps and drones, to ensure beach-goers stick to the strict rules as beaches prepare to welcome holidaymakers from Spain and abroad, as reported.


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