Andalucia confident that Granada & Costa del Sol’s Malaga will be allowed to access Phase 3 with rest of region on June 8

Andalucia's Vice President Juan Marin is optimistic that the region can enter Phase 3 together as a block on June 8. Credit: Twitter

Andalucia’s Vice President and Minister of Tourism Juan Marin has stated today that he is confident that Granada and Malaga will be allowed to access Phase 3 of de-escalation with rest of the region on June 8.

ACCORDING to Marin, it’s vital that all eight provinces in Andalucia are allowed to enter Phase 3 as a block to enable residents to travel between the provinces so that the region can start to benefit from national tourism as soon as possible.

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There’s no health justification why Malaga and Granada should not to be allowed to access Phase 3 next week, he stressed. Andalucia’s Covid-19 rate of new cases is 1.64% per 100,000 inhabitants, which is far lower than Catalunia’s 39.9% per 100,000 or Madrid’s 25.33%, he pointed out.

Thanks to ‘spectacular’ health data, Malaga and Granada have been allowed access to Phase 2 of de-escalation a week earlier, added Marin, which is why he is hopeful that the Ministry of Health will allow the region to access Phase 3 as a block, on June 8.



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