France Cautiously Lifts Most of Covid-19 Lockdown Measures and Allows Beaches, Parks and Lakes Open


France’s PM Édouard Philippe cautiously lifts most of the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

BEACHES, parks, and lakes are open to all as of June 2, according to France’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe, as he addressed the second phase of easing the lockdown on Thursday afternoon.

“The results are good regarding the health plan… Good, but not sufficiently good for everything to return to normal,” Philippe said. He called for everyone to remain alert.

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Parks and gardens will once again be open as Parisians cooped up in small apartments will be able to enjoy the outdoors. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo had repeatedly called on the government to open the parks for Parisians.

Bars and restaurants will return to normal in the Green Zone, an area comprising of most of France, while in the orange zones, terraces, or outdoor seating, will open. Not more than 10 people can sit per table in restaurants, and the tables must be at least one metre apart.

Those in the Green Zone will be able to go back to the gym as of June 2, but those in the Orange Zone will be able to return as of June 21. Cinemas will be open to all on June 22. Stadiums, sports centres and discotheques will remain closed until at least June 21, according to the prime minister.


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