Almuñecar’s police and firefighters have another round of coronavirus tests, bringing peace of mind to all

Covid-19 tests: Almuñecar’s police officers and firefighters wait for their turn, credit: Almuñecar town hall

ANDALUCIA’S Health service carried out further Covid-19 tests on Almuñecar’s Local Police and Fire Brigade.

This was the second round of tests for 57 officers and firefighters following those arranged by Almuñecar Town Hall, explained Francisco Robles Rivas, the town hall’s Public Safety councillor.

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“These are the collectives that are most exposed to the virus, on the street 24 hours a day,” he said.

In both instances, the tests were carried out for the “peace of mind” of the officers and firemen themselves, their families and the local population, Robles Rivas added.




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