What a Day to be Alive!


Waking on Monday, I was ready for my ‘new’, old routine.
Out of bed at 6am, a quick shower, a quicker coffee, and it was time to run. One week back to my morning fitness regime, and already I feel that life is somewhat normal. Los Monteros, as the sun rises, is reason enough to be out early. However, the chance to push harder each day, against the pasta and wine diet, is the goal. Of course, there’s the added icing on the cake; a cool swim once home. While fitness mode is well and truly on track, I really must work on my pasta intake (note to self).

On Tuesday, I had to meet a friend for lunch in Marbella, and while the idea of simply being able to utter those words made me giddy, arriving at Da Bruno, I felt like the cat who got the cream. Paseo Marítimo, just as the Marbella I love-tranquil, friendly and stylish. I adore Da Bruno, and have done for years. With this in mind, I was curious to see how they would adapt to the new normal. I’m glad, but not surprised, to report that everything was done perfectly, in accordance with the guidelines. Awaiting my friend Olivia, I sipped a Campari and soda, while all around me, smiling faces. Each table on the terrace occupied, with fellow diners, who looked as chuffed as me, to be free. Olivia arrived, turned heads, and we air-kissed at a social distance, that would make Anna Wintour take notice.

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Without flinching, I ordered carbonara, only to be asked if I wanted traditional Italian, or a version made with cream. I’m aware that some people opt for a mixed-up idea, prepared with a cream sauce. I don’t. Few things bother me, but messing with classic recipes, such as pasta alla carbonara, is sinful. Whoever concocted the con panna, should be reprimanded. Anyhow, more pressing, was the fact I’d eaten more pasta. It was very good. After lunch, we strolled the almost empty streets of Marbella, under shady trees, where glamorous ladies chatted, socially distant, of course. All around us, an air of afternoon calm. Most stores remained closed, which was a pity, as we both wanted to buy things. Still, life felt semi-real.

Now is the time to reboot the economy. Now is the time to remember, that while we are all on the same yacht, and money’s too tight to mention, a simple coffee at a local café in the morning, is a step in making cash flow, and society come alive. The sooner we adapt correctly and return to life, the better. I know many will probably say they disagree, and base this on the fact, that certain people are unable to adhere to simple laws. We must remain positive in the hope that even those who are sadly slow on the uptake, will wake up soon. Yes wearing face masks is horrible. Social distancing, a task. But the rewards are why we are here. Life.

As the week came to a close, I realised that I only know what day it is, once this column appears. I for one, clearly need normality to kick in fast. Looking back over the last ten weeks, it feels like I’m just coming to the end of a summer holiday. Long days, long lunches, too much food, and way too much wine. I even started smoking cigarettes at one point. Marlboro Menthol. Thankfully I gave that up quick, as I believe menthol cigarettes, or ‘Mintys’ as I call them, have been withdrawn from the market. With my addictive personality, I am now stockpiling whitening toothpaste, paranoid I’ve stained my teeth. The sooner we spend, the sooner we work.

As the headline says- it is indeed great to be alive, but let’s remember those who lost lives to Covid-19. Let’s proceed, but with advised caution. Enjoy your freedom.


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