National Police Arrest Seven in Madrid Accused of Stealing Cars and Selling the Parts

Scene from the ‘Chop Shop’ Credit: National Police

AN assembly plant taking stolen vehicles in Madrid has been closed down by the National Police who estimate that the gang of seven who were involved made €600,000 from their activities.

The seven men each had their own specific job and between them would steal cars to order, remove parts which they sold, sent remaining scrap to breakers yards and even repaired vehicles using the parts from the stolen cars.

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The investigation started in February of this year when officers hear rumours of the activities of the gang working from a warehouse in the Madrid suburb of Alcala de Henares and when they raided the premises, they found three stolen cars.

They also discovered that some of the stolen cars weren’t, but were owned by associates of the gang so as well as theft of genuine vehicles, there was also an insurance scam which saw two individuals (from Romania) claiming theft and receiving payment from insurance companies for cars that went through the warehouse.

So far, officers have established 25 alleged criminal acts against those who were arrested.


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