BREAKING NEWS: Fury Erupts in Hong Kong as Chinese Parliament Approves New Security Law

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After recent protests against it, China’s parliament has approved a new security law for Hong Kong which would make it a crime to undermine Beijing’s authority in the territory.

THE bill – which now passes to China’s senior leadership – is expected to sail through for approval. It has caused deep concern among those who say it could end Hong Kong’s unique status and in the last weeks rioters have been beaten by police and had tear gas thrown at them for their descent.

For the first time in decades there could be a Chinese security agency stationed in Hong Kong and just the mention of it sparked a new wave of anti-mainland protest.

Clashes broke out again yesterday as Hong Kong’s parliament debated a different proposed law, which would make it a crime to disrespect the Chinese national anthem.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said developments in Hong Kong meant it could no longer be considered to have “a high degree of autonomy” from mainland China, meaning Hong Kong no longer merited being treated differently from the mainland under US law.

That declaration alone could have major implications for Hong Kong’s trade hub status and is very likely to anger Beijing.


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