France set to open 20 public swimming pools as a trial for next stage of deconfinement

Important Notice: Seek advice from a professional before installing a portable pool. Credit: Shutterstock

France set to open 20 public swimming pools as a trial for next stage of deconfinement.

FRENCH swimming pools will reopen with new rules at the start of June, as a trial for the next stage of the country’s confinement.

The French Sports Minister narrowed a list of 35 pools in both green and red departments who had applied to be considered to 20 pools whose locations will be disclosed at the end of the week. New rules are to include limited entries, online booking, and one-directional swimming. Reservations will be necessary and colour coded wristbands will be given to the swimmers according to the schedule in a bid to reduce how many people are in the pool and make sure that each has two square metres space.

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A maximum session of one and a half hours will be allowed, no more than 12 people will be allowed to swim at the same time and swimmers must wash their hands before entering the pool. Individual changing cubicles will be available and one locker out of two must be left empty. Hairdryers will no longer be used and shower space will be limited.

The new rules will be enforced for at least three weeks and will be reviewed at the end of June when they may be extended to all public pools in the country.


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