World Health Organisation doctor says second major wave of coronavirus “being increasingly ruled out”

BALANCE: Dr Neira called on the public to be “neither paranoid nor excessively relaxed CREDIT: Dr Maria Neira Twitter @DrMariaNeira

A SECOND major wave of coronavirus is more and more being ruled out, according to a World Health Organisation doctor.

Commenting during an interview with a Barcelona radio station on Monday, WHO Public Health and Environment Director Dr Maria Neira explained that the organisation works with many models which present many probabilities.

“They go from a specific outbreak to an important wave, but this last possibility is being increasingly ruled out,” the Spanish doctor said.


“We are much better prepared in all areas,” she added.

“We have lowered the rate of transmission so much that the virus will have a hard time surviving.

“We must be very careful in affirming that this is the end of the wave, but the figures at least show us that the transmission and explosion of the initial weeks has been avoided.”

At the same time Dr Neira it would be better not to make too many predictions at this time and stressed that “great caution” and “common sense” are essential at this “very critical” stage of the de-escalation.

“With the opening up it has to be seen how the virus behaves. We hope that there are no further outbreaks, but it will be a daily battle.”

She called on the public to be “neither paranoid nor excessively relaxed,” and to “learn to coexist with infectious illnesses.”


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