Tui Boss: “Now we can plan holidays for Majorca, the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands and make our customers an offer

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Travel giant Tui has sad the Spanish government’s announcement that it will welcome tourists to the country from July has “provided clarity for the start of the holiday season”.

The Tui boss, Fritz Joussen. welcomed the announcement by Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez that tourists will be allowed entry “in safe conditions” and that the July return of Spanish tourism is ‘good signal’.

Joussen had previously called on EU member states to develop a “roadmap for travel” to ensure holidays are still a possibility for this year, said: “Now we can plan holidays for Majorca, the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands and make our customers an offer.

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Fritz Joussen:

“Millions of holidaymakers have the certainty that summer holidays in Spain are possible during school holidays. This is a good signal for many families, but also for Tui as a tour operator and the travel agencies that advise customers on their holiday decisions. After Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria, Spain has now also provided clarity for the start of the holiday season.

We have been preparing intensively for weeks, have developed higher safety and hygiene standards for TUI and our partners and are already training the staff in the hotels. In times of Corona, we want to make holidays as normal as possible and as responsible as necessary, during the flight, in the hotel and at the holiday destination”.

The Costa del Sol and The Costa Blanca look set to return to normality in the near future, albeit slightly delayed, a longer winter season is predicted which is something that may remain a fixture for Spain’s tourist industry.


#costadelsol #costablanca #alicante #benidorm #tui


  1. Hmm, but why would anyone ever book with Tui again? Having been a loyal customer for decades, I am still struggling to get a refund for my holiday this year after it was cancelled. I had a nice ‘Sorry’ email but no refund. The ATOL protection doesn’t seem to be worth much either.

  2. Never mind future booking Tui need to concentrate on current bookings we go on the 30th june but had no correspondence at all just left in limbo. We use Tui twice a year but that means nothing.

  3. We have been ringing your phone lines constantly this morning and still cant get through theres supposed to be more staff on to take the calls all we want to do is amend our holiday can someone please answer the phone

  4. Have had my holiday cancelled by tui have however spoke to them 6 times gave me £100 on credit card then have forgoten about me ans my debit card remaing ballance just kept saying finance company deal with that still waiting 6 weeks later . Think what they are doing now is to fob people off for over a month to gain intrest on hunderds of thousand of pounds to then pay us back unbelivable govenent should now step in think this company have had long enough to pay people there money 6 weeks since they themself phoned me and i told them i wanted a cash refund

    • I cancelled my holiday due to them changing my airport back in march 4th gave my 4 payments back within 7 day but the final payment of £308 still waiting no contact as they put the phone down after getting though after 1 hour wait I’m fuming

  5. Should have flown to Morroco on Monday but it was cancelled keep trying to ring but can’t get through . What is happening about our refund x Be nice to be able to just talk to someone but no joy x Supposed to be going to Spain August payed deposit but once again no one to talk to 🙄

  6. I was going on holiday with Tui on 14 March 2020 at the airport the holiday was cancelled not had anything from them yet. Cannot get through by phone after being on the phone on hold for 2 hours at a time then to be cut off it’s one big joke.
    Now they are saying they can plan holiday again.

  7. We had a holiday to crete booked for 19th May this year and had plenty of emails offering winter holidays!!!! But I haven’t even been sent anything relating to them cancelling my holiday they took down my count down appand have just left us in limdo to worry, can’t get hold of them on the phone no matter how many times you try, sent to email from the emails they sent offering winter holidays and nothing, no communication or correspondence what so ever which I find very poor, was quick enough to take full payment on day of booking left very angry, annoyed, disappointed and extremely frustrated!!!!!!!

  8. We booked in store and just seem to have been forgotten about, so many options to rebook or apply for a refund to those who booked online. We were quite happy to rebook for next year but 3 weeks after we were supposed to have flown, nothing, can’t get through on the phones and can’t rebook on line. Prices going up and availability getting less

  9. I’ve tried 200 times still no answer we spend thousands a year and been using for year could aleast you answer the phone As we are waiting. For news on Egypt

  10. Should have gone to Goa on march 13th obviously got cancelled . After numerous phone calls and emails no refund yet been given its discusting 11 week now .Thier customer service as been horrendous no customer care at all

  11. Cant believe TUI are going to sell holidays again sort out our holidays first I’m supposed to be going to Mexico on 19th June but not even a text or email from them what’s happening .I have tried to call no joy .Anyone thinking of booking with Tui think twice ..


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