Judge confirms there will be no further bail reduction for Dana suspect as amount should be commensurate with the facts

ARENAS: Dana was last seen here in June 2019, credit: Erik Cristensen

A VELEZ-MALAGA judge refused to reduce bail for the remanded partner of Dana Leonte who disappeared in Arenas last June.

The original bail of €25,000 was reduced to €17,000 in April and, following this latest request, the judge explained that the crime for which the detainee was being investigated was of “such magnitude” that bail had to be commensurate.

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The greater the crime, the greater the risk of trying to evade justice, the court pointed out, turning down a request to reduce bail to €6,000.

The public prosecutor and the lawyer representing Dana’s brother in the private accusation were also opposed to a further reduction of the suspect’s bail.

“This is outrageous after the suspect’s sister boasted on the social media that the family had put together more than €19,000 but intended to ask for a reduction,” the lawyer said.

Dana’s partner was remanded in prison last September, more than three months after she had disappeared, after a woman’s thigh bone was found in the countryside, several kilometres from the family home.




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