Torrox court lets mayor Oscar Medina off the hook over La Almedina car park accusations

OSCAR MEDINA: La Almedina car park case temporarily shelved, credit: Radio Torrox

A TORROX court temporarily shelved legal proceedings brought by the La Almedina car park concessionary against local mayor Oscar Medina.

The temporary consortium (UTE), created specifically to run the car park, accused Medina of breach of duty by failing to control vehicles parking in zones adjoining La Almedina.

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According to the Torrox judge, there were no signs that Medina had acted arbitrarily or unjustly.

Despite a 40-year concession, the UTE stopped running the installation last January after 12 years, alleging losses “amounting to millions.”

The public car park cost €7 million to build but although the UTE offered to sell it to the municipality for €5 million, the town hall turned down the offer.




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