Police detain two brothers for gender violence & abusing partners on Spain’s Costa del Sol

mallorca news arrest
Malaga's police detain two brothers from Malaga for gender violence. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

Malaga’s police have arrested two brothers for alleged abusive behaviour and gender violence towards their partners.

BOTH men are of Spanish nationality and aged 18- and 20-years-old. One is accused of abusing his partner, and the other for violence against his former partner, who is also the mother of his two children.

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The police investigation started on May 16, when the 20 year-old brother was reported for abusive behaviour by his partner, who was living with him, his brother and mother in the same household. She accused him of punching and insulting her, and prohibiting her from contacting her family. However, after suffering violent abuse again at the hands of her partner, she finally managed to contact her mother who went to her aide, and they both reported the incident to the police, which led to his arrest.

The other brother was accused of abusing his former partner on the day he went to collect his children on May 16, but was arrested the following day, after he was reported. Both women “found it very difficult to report the ongoing abuse”, according to the judge, which is why “it’s vital that they have external support to get help and intervene in situations like this”. Both men now have restraining orders against them and are prohibited from approaching their partners.


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