Euro Weekly News political view and opinion from Spain: Setting Sanchez in context

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Euro Weekly News political view and opinion: Setting Sanchez in context

OTTO Von Bismarck stated politics is the art of the possible, Mr Sánchez takes this to its limit.
On two occasions he won the leadership of his party and just a few months after literally being thrown out by his own party he rose like a phoenix to make a vote of non-confidence against Mr. Rajoy (PP leader) and convert himself into the President of Spain.

A few months later he also won the General Election and made a coalition Government with Podemos which was the reason that his party had originally rebelled against him.
Now four months into his term he has been able to survive five States of Alarms but has once again managed to upset practically everyone, from members of his own party to the unions, the confederation of employers and industry and of course all the opposition parties.
This time he negotiated, in secret, with a political party called Bildu (an anti-system political party) the annulment of the 2012 labour reform. You may at this point ask yourself why would all this bother me? Well, it will make an obvious difference for all expats who work or are employers in Spain.
As always Mr Sanchez has a win-win attitude and whatever he does comes out good for him, therefore, he gave a late-night clarification of the deal and tried to alleviate the situation saying it’s not a total deregulation of the law just a partial change.
The outlook once again seems to be difficult for Mr Sanchez and it looks very improbable for Mr. Sanchez to be able to complete the de-escalation phases as the State of Alarm is essential for this. But for Mr Sanchez anything is possible.

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