Pulpi public pool reopening as Spain’s Costa Almeria moves into lockdown de-escalation phase two

CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Pulpi Facebook @ayuntamientodepulpi

PULPI’S municipal indoor swimming pool is reopening tomorrow Monday when the whole of Almeria province moves into phase two of the lockdown de-escalation.

A whole series of safety measures and procedures and hygiene requirements aimed at protecting staff and public have been introduced to make it possible to open up the facilities once again, as Pulpi Mayor Juan Pedro Garcia and Sports councillor Maria del Mar Sanchez went to see for themselves.

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CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Pulpi Facebook @ayuntamientodepulpi

Pool coordinator David Martinez explained that a protective screen has been put up at the pool entrance, where there is disinfectant gel and face masks. Once inside, the pool user has to disinfect their shoes and hands, give their name and phone number and have their temperature taken.

Assuming their temperature is not above 37.5 degrees they will then be assigned a changing room.

No more than four people can be in a changing room at any one time and using the lockers or showers is not allowed.

People have to leave their belongings on an assigned chair at the poolside.

To actually get to the pool swimmers must follow markers on the floor indicating exactly where they have to go and set out in so they do not walk past others.

The divisions between the pool lanes are clearly indicated with signs, chairs, benches and tape. Only one swimmer per lane is allowed, or two if the pair share a home.

All pool users have to shower in the exterior showers before going in and when they come out.

The maximum number of people allowed in the pool is just eight, and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone wishing to use the pool has to book and pay for a session at a specific time in advance.

For more information about the pool use call 661 408 707 or email piscinapulpi@gmail.com.


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