La Nucia community continues to support those hardest hit by the health crisis


La Nucia Food Program, set up to help the most vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis, has received substantial donations this week.

MARINA BAIXA (U3A), Altea Guardia Civil, the company Trufa de Oro, Eleos and several anonymous donors have given food, seasonal fruit, sweets and personal hygiene products.

“Donations in solidarity continue and demonstrate the social commitment of the business community and the families of the Nucieras in these times of crisis,” said La Nucia Council.

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“The council has strengthened and increased the municipal service of the Food Program, given the increased demand due to the health crisis.

The council added: “We want to publicly thank everyone for their donations. Thank you for helping us to help, many companies and individuals have donated on several occasions.”

“During State of Alarm, the following companies have donated to La Nucia Food Program: Embutidos “La Inmaculada”, Pizza 4You, Tony’s Chocolonely, Frutas Martí, Tindale & Stanton, Región Sur Alimentos, Catering Mendoza, Aesekol, Maxi Día, Dismóvil La Nucia, Benipan, La Trufa de Oro, Robert Group, Pedro José Martínez, SYC S. L, Dialprix Supermarket, Escobar Exclusives, Southern Region Food, Municipal Pool Cafeteria, Orts Electrical Appliances, Disfrutis Ice Cream, Rubik Stationery, Eleos Association, La Marina Baixa U3A and Guardia Civil.

“Thanks also to the families Jumilla, Leli Fernández, Deborah Montiel, David Expósito, Adriana Weideman, Enrique Mustieles, Adolfina Gómez, José Miguel Llorens and Francesca, we are infinitely grateful for the chain of solidarity which allows us to continue to operate and not stop during State of Alarm, despite the difficulties.”

The Food Program is open is people to registered in La Nucia who have food needs.

To find out more, call the Department of Social Welfare on 966 897 330, between 9am to 2pm to 14 hours.

A social worker will analyse each case and explain the steps to follow.

The Council added: “The idea is to analyse each case in depth so that those who need it most receive more, and to determine whether it is a one-off situation or for a period of time”.

Anybody who would like to make a donation should call the El Calvari Social Centre on 966 897 070.


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