Desperate lonely Dolphins missing human contact deliver beautiful gifts to the beach

Just some of the gifts the Dolphins have dropped off on the beach-experts believe it is a call for contact

A pod of tame dolphins in Queensland Australia, used to mixing with humans, have been bringing ashore gifts from the sea – apparently because they’re missing the interaction!

THE humpback dolphins are normally spotted mingling with visitors at Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding at Tin Can Bay, just north of the Sunshine Coast.

But it’s been weeks since visitors lined up to feed the animals due to coronavirus restrictions, and experts are convinced that the dolphins, who are extremely intelligent, are experiencing loneliness.


Among the delicate and beautiful treasures the marine creatures have provided are sea sponges, barnacle-encrusted bottles, and pieces of coral. A worker from the Cafe said that the gorgeous creatures have actually displayed this activity before but due to lack of visitors the dolphins have vastly increased their visits and are bringing even more gifts.

The Covid-19 restrictions meant that visitors have been unable to mix with the dolphins for weeks. Volunteers say Mystique (pictured above) is the only one of the seven-dolphin pod to give the gifts and is thought to have first appeared in the area in 1991 with his Mum. He has distinctive markings from fights with other dolphins and a bull shark attack.



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