Temporary home for weekly open-air market on site of future underground car park for Calpe’s Old Town

DOUBLE ROLE: Temporary mercadillo site will eventually become underground car park, credit: Calpe town hall

WORK has begun in Calpe on extending the car park between Calle Llibertat and Avenida del Norte.

The first phase entails pulling down several installations that belong to the town hall but whose demolition has been delayed until now as their roofs were found to contain asbestos, explained Calpe’s mayor Ana Sala.

Once completed, the cleared land will be used for the weekly open-air market until it can return to its usual location, said Sala who recently visited the site, accompanied by Town Planning councillor Juan Manuel del Pino.


In 2018 the local government reached an agreement with the majority of the owners of the block bordered by Calle Llibertat, Calle de Fora, Calle La Fuente and Avenida del Norte.

The outcome was 2,029 metres of land that will make it possible to rehabilitate this zone inside Calpe’s Old Quarter.

The project is included in the1989 General Development Plan (PGOU) with the ultimate object of creating an underground car park that will help to reactivate the Old Town and at the same time enhance the area with a large garden area.




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