It’s Costa del Back Garden for Hundreds of Brits as They Recreate Their Favourite Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca Settings In The Garden

Costa Del Back Garden: Cancelled flights have led to Brits recreating holidays at home.Credit: facebook

THE coronavirus crisis has caused a lot of upheaval in terms of cancelled flights and holidays; however, some Brits have chosen to make the most of the good weather and set up their own Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca paradise in their back garden.

Although thousands of Brits have had their dream holidays cancelled some have recreated the settings of their favourite bars in Spain in their back garden. This is the case of Christine Tronson who has set up a nice little bar area with tiny palm trees and a tiny tiki bar to give her a sense of Benidorm in Britain.

DIY Tiki Bar Credit: Facebook

Other families have also tried to have a little fun during their cancelled holidays and have even started their very own happy hour at home.

It seems as if cabin fever for some British families at home can be easily translated into Tiki fever, the infamous bar that awaited many in Benidorm has been the object of desire in the back gardens of many Brits.


Another couple recreate the tiki bar at home.
Credit: Facebook


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