Former US Hell’s Angels chapter leader back in action filming on Spain’s Costa Almeria

Hells Angel’s drama due to begin shooting this month
Book author and Hell’s Angels Ventura former president George Christie CREDIT: Jose Maria Gomez, Hormiguea

George Christie, the former president of the California Hell’s Angels Ventura chapter, is back in Almeria filming ‘Marked-The Unforgiven,’ an adaption of his best-selling novel ‘Marked.’

THE production had been halted due to the coronavirus crisis.

The series follows the story of a former Marine recon sniper, Jack Crest, who returns home to Ventura from Afghanistan and becomes the protege of the character, Big John, played by Christie. The two form a motorcycle club (MC) made up of only veterans.


Series producer Pat Andrews said the show is effectively a soap opera about the life of the club and the differences between the members, who range from regular guys to troubled individuals from broken homes, and former military whose personalities are shaped by combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Big John is billed as the father figure of a group of men with a whole bunch of issues, but held together by a strong belief in brotherhood and patriotism.


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