Alfaz town hall remains in touch with members of non-Spanish groups and associations thanks to online meetings

Other Nationalities councillor holds fortnightly meetings, credit: Alfaz town hall

ALFAZ town hall continues to maintain direct contact with the municipality’s foreign residents and groups and associations with online meetings.

During the latest of these virtual encounters, Other Nationalities councillor Martine Mertens as usual gave out information, listened to suggestions and cleared up doubts, practically all them related to the Covid-19 crisis.

“It’s necessary to provide clear and direct information to residents regarding de-escalation, the different phases and what is recommendable and what is not, always with general wellbeing in mind,” Mertens said.


Many of Alfaz’s non-Spanish residents are elderly and it was the town hall’s obligation to be especially receptive at present, the councillor added.

Her next online meeting will be held during the first week of June, Mertens announced, while thanking the groups and associations for their support and collaboration which was so important in helping to overcome the present crisis.




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