OUR VIEW: Euro Weekly News opinion of current affairs around the globe

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Credit: Twitter

OUR VIEW: Euro Weekly News opinion of current affairs around the globe

Every man for himself

IT seems reasonable to say the world has been extremely poorly served by those that should have been there to help – but have failed dreadfully.

It is reasonable that we have put our government under intense scrutiny and, regrettably, in too many instances they have been found wanting. From selling vital PPE to overseas countries to the delay in ordering a lockdown, our political leaders emerge as well-meaning, hard-working but extremely incompetent.


If ever there was a time for a global organisation to seize control this was it; yet nobody has risen to the challenge. One of the main culprits has to be the World Health Organisation and some very questionable moves from its director-general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. In late January he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and went on to praise China for “setting a new standard for outbreak control” and commended the nation’s leaders for their “openness to sharing information”.

The sinister truth was radically different. In Wuhan, the virus epicentre, Chinese police were busy arresting citizens who dared to tell the truth about the growing pandemic. There is no doubt that the WHO’s shocking lack of action and near collusion with the deceit from China allowed the virus to spread.

Meanwhile, the United Nations’ major agencies have issued a graphic warning of a famine of “Biblical” proportions and said this is the greatest challenge the world has faced since the Second World War.

However, it has raised only around a quarter of the £3billion it wants immediately to provide relief to 250 million people worldwide it fears are in imminent risk of starvation. It’s plain to see that when a ship is sinking it’s a case of every man for himself, and therefore it’s hardly surprising that countries across the planet are keeping hold of their cash to look after their own citizens.


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