UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock Threatened with Expulsion from House of Commons for Protocol Breach

Sir Lesley Hoyle warning Matt Hancock Credit: Parliament TV

DURING today’s (May 20) Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Matt Hancock breached protocol and almost got himself thrown out of the chamber.

It happened as Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer harangued PM Boris Johnson over care homes and denied that the government had “thrown a protective ring” around these homes.

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As was seen on Parliament TV, Mr Hancock couldn’t contain himself and started to interrupt the Labour leader which is not allowed.

Speaker Sir Lesley Hoyle interjected saying “Order, Secretary of State for Health – please – I don’t mind you advising the Prime Minister but you don’t need to advise the opposition during this.”

When Mr Hancock ignored the Speaker, he then said “Sorry, do you want to leave the chamber? We’ve got maximum numbers if you want to give way to someone else? I’m more than happy.”

This was a direct reference to the fact that the maximum number of MPs allowed to be present in the chamber is currently 50 in order to ensure correct social distancing.

Upon this remark, Mr Hancock backed off although was clearly not happy as Sir Keir continued to criticise the government and the way in which it had handled those elderly suffering from Covid-19 and their discharge from hospital back to the homes.


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