Can they be evicted? State of Alarm questions in Spain

LEGALLY SPEAKING: David Searl with the new edition of You & the Law in Spain CREDIT: Euro Weekly News

Prior to the current lockdown we had financial difficulties and we had received an eviction notice to vacate the premises in July. I have read that the government has decreed the “Suspension of all evictions without housing alternative until six months have elapsed from the end of the alarm state”. If this decree is not applicable in my circumstances, are there other routes in law we can take to request an extension? I fear that, when the lock down ends, I will have no time to find a job, if there are any, or an alternative property.
L.B. (Costa del Sol)

The decree of no-evictions seems to apply to your situation. Also there is a six-month extension of home rental contracts. Other relief measures include micro-credits, or small loans, at zero per cent interest to pay back in six years, and even direct grants up to €900 for the neediest cases. These measures apply to people who have lost their jobs and the self-employed who have seen their income drop sharply or even disappear. The ICO, or Instituto de Credito Oficial, guarantees the loans and you apply through your bank.


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