Costa Blanca town creates coastline lanes as it opens up parts of the sea for water sports only

LANES: El Campello has sectioned off channels for professional swimmers. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de EL Campello

El Campello on the Costa Blanca has created coastline lanes to open up parts of the sea for water sports only in Phase 1 of de-escalation.

THE ‘channels’ have been lined out at Rincon de la Zofra, in front of the Montecarlo building, and Centro-Carrer la Mar, in front of Calle Hernán Cortés, “so that professionals, members of the federation and amateurs over the age of 14 can swim in the sea.”

They must swim alone, and respect a safety distance of two metres between them.

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It will be compulsory for swimmers to wear a “particularly visible coloured cap” and carry an inflatable swimming buoy.

“Without these, access to the swimming areas, which are subject to specific schedules, will not be allowed,” said the council.

“It is also allowed to practise surfing, rescue and first aid, kayaking, canoeing or assimilated and sports rowing in individual boats.

“But it is still forbidden to practise sport fishing or hunting with or without a boat, and motor boats cannot be used either.”

Police will be especially vigilant to make sure the public comply with the rules, and the red flag will remain raised “because swimming is prohibited along the entire coast.”

Mayor Juanjo Berenguer, said the rules “emanate from both the Central Government and the Generalitat Valenciana and the Consistory itself, whose regulations are mandatory, with regard to the practice of water sports.”

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