Huercal-Overa football ground upgrades kick off again under lockdown phase one de-escalation in Spain’s Costa Almeria

REACTIVATION: The Mayor underlined the need to get economic and social activity going agai while safeguarding citizens’ health CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

UPGRADES to Huercal-Overa’s El Hornillo football ground have kicked off again.

The project is one of the actions being carried out in the municipality under the PFEA Agricultural Employment Development Programme, which is now back underway.

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Huercal-Overa mayor Francisca Lourdes Fernandez and Employment councillor Alfonso Provencio have been to take a look at the works, along with municipal and provincial government technicians.

Commenting on the coronavirus crisis situation and how it has impacted on projects like the football ground improvements, the mayor stressed the importance of “safeguarding the safety of our citizens at the same time as working for economic and social reactivation.”

Fernandez said it was for this reason that “actions and activities permitted in Phase one of the de-escalation process are restarting, complying at all times with hygiene and health measures… and providing workers with the necessary protection systems.”

The football ground works include creating a direct entrance for emergency vehicles, improvements to accessibility, replacing two entrance gates and painting the exterior.

Among the planned upgrades to the changing rooms are the installation of anti-slip stairs, replacing the windows and eliminating damp.

Other PFEA projects due to restart in the municipality are street improvements and resurfacing, rebuilding a stairway in Goñar and garden maintenance.

The mayor said the programme projects had direct benefits for local residents’ quality of life at the same time as “creating employment opportunities for an important number of our citizens.”

The PFEA is a collaboration between the State Employment Agency, the Junta de Andalucia, the Almeria Diputacion and local councils.


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